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Peppard brick stocks ‘holding up’ despite UK shortages

Stocks of bricks in the UK are at their lowest levels for almost five years, according to a government report.


Meanwhile the chief executive of a leading brick manufacturer described stocks as being at their ‘lowest in living memory’.


Many in the construction industry are struggling with this shortage. While brick stock levels are low across the UK, the challenge for us as a builder’s merchant is to make sure that our customers have the materials needed to get on with the job.


At time of writing, Peppard Building Supplies had thousands of bricks in stock and we are working hard to keep it that way.


Associate director of Peppard Building Supplies Neil Bryant explained: “We have adopted a number of strategies to deal with the shortages, such as investing more heavily in depth of stock. We have also taken on some new, imported, lines such as the Gilt Red from Weinerberger to add to the usual brands such as Hanson, Ibstock, FLB and Michelmarsh.


“Over the years we have developed good relationships with our suppliers, and we are members of a large buying group of independent merchants, both of which are helping us secure orders.”


Peppard deliveries are also faring well despite increased demand, and we are investing in the fleet to ensure that even the largest loads can be delivered promptly (see page 1 for more on this increased capacity).


Neil added that the national shortage meant requests for bricks have been coming from far and wide. “We are getting enquiries from people far outside of our area who are trying to get hold of stock and we have now got the ability to deliver across the UK if needed.”


Looking to the future, large manufacturers are increasing production by reopening or creating new factories as well as running extra lines and shifts in existing brickworks. However, it takes some time to set up new factory, so this increase in production may take a while to filter through.


Posted on October 7, 2014 by Claire Savage

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